Mark Gorman – Director

The Mission of this department is to act in the best interest of both the community and the children referred to this department. When these two interests are in conflict, our first responsibility is the protection of the community or victims. Once this is ensured then our goal is for the rehabilitation of the child.
This department is an extension of the Juvenile Court system, as such we respond to the courts’ orders by providing direct supervision of the juvenile offenders. This is being done in an effort to decrease danger to the community and to provide structured supervision for our clients through a continuum of sanctions and rehabilitation programs.

Our daily mission is to empower families and children to fully utilize their potential for personal change and growth through the following:

  • Holding families and children accountable and responsible for their actions.
  • Providing a climate conducive to change.
  • Treating families and children with dignity and respect while providing responsible solutions for their problems

“When a Child Breaks the Law in Texas”

In Texas the ages of juvenile justice jurisdiction are 10 through 16. The handling of juveniles is strictly regulated by state law, but juvenile probation is locally administered at the county level.

Texas Juvenile Probation System

The Texas Juvenile Probation Commission works in partnership with local juvenile boards and juvenile probation departments to support and enhance juvenile probation services.

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Mailing Address

P. O. Box 222
Lufkin, Texas 75902

  • Phone 936-634-8365 – Main
  • Phone 936-634-8689 – Detention Center
  • Fax 936-634-8530 – Probation
  • Fax 936-634-8610 – Detention
Staff / Email:

Lufkin Middle School

Angelina/Nacogdoches County
Garry Hults – Special Needs Coordinator

Community Restitution Coordinator/Teen Court Coordinator 
Rance Nerren

LISD Truancy Coordinator (Lufkin High School)

Superintendent of Detention
Stephen Pinkney 936-634-8365

Administrative Assistant 
Jennifer Aldredge 936-634-8689